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Official Staff Ranks & Titles


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Official Staff Ranks & Titles

With everything coming together, I want to make clear our staff ranks from the very beginning! With that, in order, here they are!
Staff Team
  • Trial Moderator - These are our newest Staff Members! They're all on a one-month trial basis, if they pass, they become a full Moderator!
  • Moderator - These are our approved staff members who we trust to carry out the day-to-day staff jobs on the server.
  • Admin - Admins monitor the Trial Moderators, and help influence whether they move onto the full Moderator position! They also help carry out day-to-day staff needs!

Upper Management Team

  • Lead Admin - Lead Admins are in charge of the entire Moderator team. They work with Super Admins to decide on which Trial Moderators to promote.
  • Head Admin - Head Admin is in charge of entire Administration Team, and oversees Moderators, too.
  • Server Manager - Server Owner's right hand person, keeps an open line of communication with the UMT and our Staff Team.


As things change, we will update them here.

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